Creative Studio


All of the Vilnius Book Fair days Creative Studio invites you to Hall 4 to learn everything about books!
At educational programme for children and youth you can learn more about book-making, illustrations, photography, graphic design, etc. You can develop your artistic skills in workshops and art lessons with the famous book artists from Lithuania and abroad.

You can see:
Collection of the books illustrated by the Polish illustrator Iwona Chmielewska
Taida Balčiūnienė’s exhibition “Childhood in the books”
The exhibition of Karolis Strautniekas
The exhibition of the newest books published by Baobab (Czech Rep.), Tara Books (India), Minedition (France), Muchomor (Poland) publishing houses
Vilnius LĖLĖ theatre poster exhibition
The exposition of books for children and youth published in Lithuania in 2011–2014

You can learn more about:

Tabula rasa – the secrets of writing on the plates of wax with the help of Kastus Šydlouski, the artist from Belarus
Braille writing with Vytautas Gendvilas
Myriorama stories under the guidance of the artists Lina Dūdaitė, Ieva Babilaitė, Rimas Driežis, and Marijus Jonutis
Drawing on walls with the artist Ernestas Zacharevičius
Silhouette portraits, paper cuttings, hampelman, Sumi-e painting, art therapy

You can develop your artistic skills!

In your first book workshop with hedgehog Erin, lead by illustrator Aleksandra Jacovskytė and writer Violeta Juškutė
Albertas Gurskas calligraphy lessons
Workshop of Czech illustrator Juraj Horváth
Illustration lessons with Kęstutis Kasparavičius, Iwona Chmielewska, Karolis Strautniekas, Lina Žutautė
Graphic art workshop with Kristina Norvilaitė
Sumi-e painting lessons with Dalia Dokšaitė
Bumba dumba workshop with Tomas Butkus
Hampelman workshop with Taida Balčiūnienė
Comix workshop with German artist FLIX (Felix Görmann)


In EPUS you can fill in and submit the request forms for participating in the expositions organized by JSC "Lithuanian exposition and congress centre LITEXPO".